Les Succulentes

Emma Seneze

Mairie du 20ème arrondissement, Paris
June 23 - August 13

Les succulentes, immersive exhibition of Emma Seneze, was created in resonance with the architectural identity of the city hall's room of honor. The scenography, intending to give a feeling of lightness, plays with the vegetal moldings, decorations dating from the 19th century. It makes us reconsider the space and accentuates its theatricality thanks to vivid colors and straight cuts. The succulent plants and their fleshy skin were the principal inspiration of this installation. With her pictorial rendering of the vegetal world, the artist wants to awaken our senses. 


Vernissage on June 23

Exhibition from June 23 to August 13, 2022

From Monday to Friday : 8.30 am - 17 pm

On Thursdays  : 8.30 am  - 19.30 pm 

On Saturdays : 9.00 am - 12.30 am

Salon d'Honneur - Mairie du 20ème Arrondissement (city hall) 

6 Place Gambetta 75020 Paris  (métro Gambetta)