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Allison Gay & Jacques Sasson

Allison Gay & Jacques Sasson

Blossom Art Agency was launched in 2021. Founded by Allison Gay and Jacques Sasson, it reflects a precise vision of our profession which favors transparency, utility and equity.


Our actions and goals :


Search for emerging or already recognized artists, in France and Internationally. Bring them together, support them and give them greater visibility. We thus wish to offer a springboard for young artists and to widen the network and opportunities of the most confirmed.

Enable a wide range of contemporary art collectors, regardless of their profile, to acquire quality original artworks whose artistic value will be for them a daily source of emotion, of aesthetic pleasure but also the promise of a lasting investment.

Buy our artworks online

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Buying an artwork is similar to the birth of a love story. As for the latter, there are no rules, it can be love at first sight or a relationship taking time to settle. That is the reason why we propose to acquire our artists’ artworks online, enabling everyone, wherever in the world, familiar to galleries or not, and at any time, to live this idyll when and how they wish.


However, we will never be as happy as being able to meet you during our exhibitions or to exchange on the phone to inform and advise you, because in no case we consider the work of our artists as ordinary goods and our clients as mere buyers.