The Emma Series

Originally from Taiwan, Emma initially pursued studies in mass communication with a specialization in photography. Afterward, she moved to New York to obtain a degree in fashion business management. However, feeling constrained in corporate roles, she discovered clay as a medium for self-expression. Upon relocating to France, Emma dedicated herself to her newfound passion.
Her eclectic Asian background influences her work, blending traditional techniques with contemporary sensibilities and a surreal imagination. Drawing inspiration from her surroundings, she infuses everyday objects with joy, whimsy, and wonder, whether it's the night sky outside her studio, memories of vacations on the beaches of southern Taiwan, or a story she read from a book that captured her imagination.

Expositions collectives


- It's a small world, Blossom Art Agency, Paris, France

- Lafayette Anticipations, Paris


- DIY Art Market, London

- Utile Marché, Paris

- Athena! Clay Fair, Ghent, 

- Atelier du Pénitent Blanc, Corrèze 


- Utile Marché, Paris 


Vase - Y001


Jar - Y002


Pendants - Y003

Bow tie cup

Bow tie cup - Y004

Blue cup

Blue cup - Y005