Seth Benzel

Seth Benzel is an abstract painter who works predominantly in acrylic, while also infusing other mediums and occasionally collage. He describes his work as deconstructionistic in nature. A key element of Benzel's work is the manipulation of line and space, and how they interrelate to each other. Linear aspects imply a sort of architecture while freewheeling colors and brushstrokes represent the energy all around us. These elements could also be seen as a juxtaposition of the man-made artificial world versus that of the natural and spiritual world. The many travels of Seth are a strong source of inspiration towards his paintings as for the new series made in Paris presented by the agency. 


Seth Benzel lives and works in Ocala, Florida. There hewn and curates 8th Ave.Gallery which also serves as his studio. 

Solo Exhibitions


- Solo Show, Pavillon Hotel, Dubai, UAE


- Solo Show, Dee Dee Martin Gallery, New Orleans, Los Angeles


- Abstract Love, Pullman Hotel, Dubai, UAE


- Solo Show, Pavilion Hotel, Saratoga Springs, New York


- Divergent Realities, Agora Gallery, New York


- Solo Show, Arts 220 Gallery, Salem, New York

Expositions collectives


- Views on Abstraction, 8th Gallery, Ocala, Florida


- Group Show, 8th Gallery, Ocala, Florida

- Group Show, CCF, Ocala, Florida


- Los Juntos, Building 98, Marfa, Texas

- Artist Playground, City Walk, Dubai, UAE

- Group Show, Dubai International Art Centre, Dubai, UAE


- Group Show, Wynwood Cafe, Miami, Florida


- Group Show, Hampton Inn, Saratoga Springs, New York


Yellow into pink

Yellow into pink - J006

The Woman Seine

The Woman Seine - J001

Deconstructed 4

Deconstructed 4 - J003

Deconstructed 6

Deconstructed 6 - J004

Deconstructed 5

Deconstructed 5 - J005